Your Diagnosis and Treatment

Your practitioner will discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan with you before beginning treatment. In most cases, the initial treatment is fairly conservative to ensure your comfort and allow your practitioner to observe your response to it

Your practitioner will likely describe the treatment, his or her treatment goals and what you can expect to experience. Because treatments themselves often provide additional information about your health, it is common for the practitioner to offer a prognosis along with a future treatment plan. You may also receive information about various lifestyle changes which may help to improve your condition. This may include dietary changes, exercise, meditation or other recommendations.

Clear Mind Center has created the unique NeuroIntegration System, a ground breaking approach in multi-sensory brainwave training. Our unique photic technology informs the brain of the frequency it needs to learn and guides the brain into producing new efficient brainwave states through EEG driven auditory and visual feedback. Our state-of-the-art system combines these technologies to achieve rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding powerful long lasting results.

This multi-sensory approach interrupts ineffective mental patterns, lifting us out of habitual, non-productive thoughts. By balancing the brain and regulating the nervous system, new thought patterns are allowed to break through old filters responsible for causing a wide variety of disorders. NeuroIntegration Training has been proven to be a very powerful technique for improving brain functions.

Clear Mind Center’s NeuroIntegration system works through a mechanism known as operant conditioning. When a part of the brain is operating at an abnormal frequency (too fast or too slow), the brain can learn to normalize the activity of that area.

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