23&me Genetic Analysis

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The results of your 23&me DNA test can be used for a wide variety of self-help objectives including working on anti-aging regiment!  The first step is to use the test results to help identify what nutritional weaknesses the variances in your DNA are creating for your body.  If your body is naturally predisposed to working against you in a certain realm for example, under-producing key nutrients that your internal system needs to grow and maintain a healthy balance then identifying any potential imbalances has to be the first step towards crafting a meaningful plan of counter.

Additionally, your data will be kept on file and as advances are made in the understanding of genetics, we can provide ongoing updates to your genetic analysis at no extra charge. We are working at providing these updates through this website so you will know when to reach out to us to get your updated report.

Please note: this fee only covers the genetic analysis report (which will be delivered to you electronically.) If you would like to review this with Dr. Spates, you will need to make an appointment through the website. Generally, it takes 30 minutes to review your genetic analysis and make recommendations.

There has never been a better time to utilize your DNA test results to set you on the path of health and wellness!