Finally Remove Blockages to Your Personal Success

The power of positive thinking is not a new idea. Nor is the concept that how you think about something influences its outcome (ever heard of “self-fulfilling prophecy”?). But most of us have no idea how to change our thinking in order to improve our jobs, relationships, financial status or anything else. Now, using the EVOX system – which gives you a literal map of how to change your thinking – you can experience perception reframing to achieve health and success.

The Emotional Side of Healing

Most people agree that there is an emotional aspect to just about every area of our lives. But in trying to heal their patients, most medical professionals either don’t know how to help with emotional states or don’t understand why it’s necessary. In the absence of a way to address these states, medication, physical therapy, counseling, surgery and any other intervention is extremely limited in its effectiveness. Perception Reframing with the EVOX system is a remarkably effective way to help you move past emotional blocks to improve your life circumstances.

Q. What is Perception Reframing?


Subconscious stress and negative thinking can hold you back from achieving your goals in a big way. And many of us aren’t even aware that our ideas – about our relationships, our financial situation, our jobs or any life circumstance – are holding us back.
It’s like saying you want to make homemade lemonade, but you’re not aware that one of the ingredients you’ve been adding is a large cup of salt. If you don’t know what salt does to the recipe, you’ll keep adding it and be stuck with a bad-tasting result. It’s very difficult to step back and see how the deeply held stress we have about a subject is like the salt we keep adding. It shapes the outcome every single time.
Perception reframing with the EVOX system makes it possible to see a circumstance, opportunity or problem in a different, more positive way. It gives us the perspective we need to change the recipe to make the outcome exactly as sweet as we want it to be.

Q. Who Should Use Perception Reframing?


Anyone who wants to optimize their performance or life experiences can use the EVOX system to remove energy blocks and change negative results to positive. For example, there are some people who seem to always get into damaging or abusive relationships. Each time, they think they’ve learned what not to look for in a partner and swear they’ll never get into that situation again, but they end up repeating the cycle over and over. Perception reframing identifies how the person’s beliefs about himself or herself and what he or she deserves in a relationship keep them stuck. Once they can see what’s causing the behavior, they can address it head-on and eliminate the blockage to a healthy relationship.
Think of all the applications to this technology – career success, sports performance, financial stability and achievement in almost any area of life. Change using the EVOX system is fast, permanent and easy.

Q. How Does the EVOX System Work?


When you speak about a topic, your voice carries the energy of how you feel about that topic. The EVOX records the energy in your voice and maps out an image called a Perception Index, or PI. You and the practitioner use the PI to address those areas causing you problems. It may be surprising how seemingly unrelated areas in your subconscious were, in fact, preventing you from achieving your goals.

Q. What Can I Expect During Treatment?


Using the EVOX system is very easy. You simply talk about a selected topic (a career change, for example) while the recording is made. Based on your PI, your “emotional map,” your practitioner will work with you to reframe your perceptions about the situation. You can then make a new recording and a new PI to see your progress, continuing until your perception of the situation is completely changed on a conscious and subconscious level, and the blockages to progress are removed.
Patients frequently feel peaceful and relaxed like never before, more grounded, centered and sure of themselves and how to achieve what they want.

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