Brain Mapping and Neurotherapy

The Neuro-Map Report Allows Us To Visualize Inside The Brain

The features in the Neuro-Map report offer state of the art technology, which present an in depth analysis and guidance for NeuroIntegration Training. We have taken the concept of ‘brain map’ a step further by providing a professional and comprehensive report. Our at a glance features provide the standard output of highly expensive research grade qEEG systems. In addition, areas of potential cognitive and emotional problems typically associated with specifc map profiles are offered as a guide to validate patients emotional and cognitive tracking. The Neuro-Map recording takes approximately 12 minutes. Once the recording is complete, the data is uploaded to our Neuro-Map site for immediate processing. The final part of the Neuro-Map report offers suggested protocols based on the interpretation. These protocols are automated in our database and available immediately after the report. These full color visual reports offer an accurate and easy to use presentation. Doctors new to the field will find it easy to use the cognitive and emotional report system that automatically interprets their patient’s brain map and provides them with a protocol. Patients are motivated by the reports as these offer a guide to their wellness.

Clear Mind Center’s innovative technology combines Neuromapping with photic NeuroIntegration Training. The automated NeuroMap reports allows us to visualize inside the brain and show your patients the validity of your diagnosis.

Neuro Map Sample

The Neuro-Map shows red areas in the frontal lobes indicating an abnormally fast beta frequency. This is correlated with symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. However, the NeuroMap is Normal after 8 sessions which is reflected by the green areas and correlates to reduced anxiety and improved sleep.

Cognitive Analysis Report

The Cognitive Analysis Report shows visual at a glance interpretations. Executive processing issues often affect decision making in all areas of your patient’s daily life. During the first visit your patients take a brief computerized assessment which rates their symptoms. The Neuro- Map then compares their symptoms with the finding of the neuro-map interpretation. This allows doctors to track their patient’s progress and show them?before and after results.

Take Your Health To The Next Level Of Healing

The NeuroMap software automatically determines the optimal protocols based on your patient’s brain map. These precise training suggestions offer your patients a treatment plan of 20 sessions which are typically completed in less than eight weeks.

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