BioEnergy Test

Q. What Is Aging?


Aging is not the same as just getting older. It is a medical term that refers to the progressive physical and mental deterioration that occurs as we get older.

While aging is inevitable, the dramatic rate and extent of aging that is commonly seen today is not.
The rate and extent of aging is solely dependent on energy production.

Anti-aging specialists have long considered decreased energy production to be the result of the aging process, but Dr. Shallenberger demonstrates that decreased energy production is not a result of aging, but in fact is the cause of it! It occurs long before any sign or symptom of disease or aging.

By maintaining youthful energy production as you grow older, you will be able to dramatically slow down your body aging process.

Q. Why Is Energy Production So Important?


The Energy Deficit Theory of Aging and Disease.

Degenerative disease and aging are preceded by a decrease in energy production.

It is this decrease in energy production that causes degenerative disease and aging.

Decreased energy production results from two commonly occurring states:
Decreased fat metabolism.

Decreased mitochondrial efficiency. Note that the mitochondria are the parts of the cell in which oxygen is converted to energy.

The processes involved in aging and degenerative disease can be decelerated and even reversed by altering these two states to increase energy production.

By measuring energy production dynamics Bio-Energy Testing® can determine what is required to increase your energy production to optimal levels.

Q. What Is Bio-Energy Testing®?


Bio-Energy Testing® involves the use of a device connected to a computer that is able to measure how much oxygen the body uses and how much carbon dioxide the body is producing at a given time.
A series of measurements are taken at rest and during a progressively more difficult exercise program.

The Bio-Energy Testing® computer program then calculates:
1. Your resting mitochondrial efficiency.
2. Your resting fat metabolism.
3. Your maximal mitochondrial efficiency.
4. Your maximal fat metabolism.

Bio-Energy Testing® can also determine:
1. Your optimum carbohydrate intake.
2. Your optimum caloric intake.
3. Your lung function.
4. Your heart function.
5. Your overall strength.
6. Your optimum exercise levels.
7. Your Biological Age.

Q. What Is Biological Age?


Your chronological age is how old you are. Other than making you spend more for insurance and less for the movies, your chronological age is absolutely unimportant.

Your Biological Age is the age at which your body is effectively functioning. The Bio-Energy Testing® computer determines your Biological Age by matching your energy dynamics with persons of various ages.

It is your Biological Age, not your chronological age that determines your health, your rate of aging, and your resistance to disease.

Remember, no matter how many candles they stick in your birthday cake, your Biological Age is how old you really are!

Q. How Does Bio-Energy Testing® Work?


The Bio-Energy Testing analyzer measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.

Oxygen consumption directly determines mitochondrial efficiency.

Carbon dioxide production determines fat metabolism.

Optimum carbohydrate intake is determined by the ratio of oxygen consumption to carbon dioxide production.
Overall strength is determined by the amount of work you are capable of per unit of energy produced.

The Bio-Energy Testing analyzer sorts and analyses an enormous amount of data and calculates your energy production dynamics under both basal and exercise conditions.

Bio-Energy Testing algorithms present the results of these calculations in a way that can have immediate clinical relevance.

Q. How Bio-Energy Testing® Helps You?


Bio-Energy Testing® measurements are used to create an individualized health and anti-aging program.
A customized program designed to increase your energy levels, aiding in the prevention of disease, and keeping you functioning optimally for the rest of your life.

The Medicine Of The Future.

Bio-Energy Testing® offers a new paradigm for the medicine of the future.
One Disease Decreased Energy Production Determined by Bio-Energy Testing®.
One Treatment – Increasing Energy Production – Monitored by Bio-Energy Testing®.

Q. Who Should Be Tested?


People who believe that it is more important to live well than to live long, and that ideally we can have both.
People who want to finish out their lives in “great shape,” free in large part from the incapacity, limitations, and diseases that are so frequently affect the elderly.
The key to achieving this is to optimize your energy production to youthful levels.

The Bio-Energy Testing® Analyzer.

Energy production measurement is the most global parameter possible.
It is influenced by every singly biochemical and physiological event.
The Bio-Energy Testing® analyzer is FDA approved.
Bio-Energy Testing® readings are scientifically and objectively determined.
They are consistent and reliable, with no significant daily variation.
According to a recent Wake Forest University study: TheBio-Energy Testing® analyzer has a high degree of accuracy when compared to the gold standard.

Q. How is the test performed and what do I need to do prepare for it?


The test involves a cardiopulmonary assessment via an ergometer (computer-controlled exercise bike) and a breathing apparatus that monitors the exchange of gases. The total time for the test will be between 15 and 45 minutes (the healthier you are, the longer the test will take.)

As the test will be measuring how well you use oxygen and carbohydrate metabolism burns up more oxygen than either protein or fat metabolism, you must reduce your high-glycemic carbohydrates (flour, refined foods, fruits and alcohol) 5 days before the test. Additionally, you must fast for 12 hours before the test, which is why the test can only be done in the morning hours.

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